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BULK deal

 BULK deal 

3 shops for sale in England and china Cluster International city
(9.7 % return)

size 1791 sq ft net

size chine 522 net rented on 40,000/-
size England 548 net rented on 40,000/-
size England 721 net rented on 48,000/-

rental income 128,000/-

selling price 1,320,000/- net to owner.

these shops are also available separately  on 410k , 410k and 500k.
3 shops for sale in Greece Cluster International City

size 1163 sq ft net

size first shop size 366 sq ft net rented on 33,000/- 

size 2nd shop size 366 net rented on 31,000/- 

size 3rd shop size 431 net rented on 37,000/-

rental income 105,000/-

selling price 1.1 million/- net to owner


Rauf Ahmad
Property Point Real Estate
+971 50 3594054

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