We are BACK

For some weird reason Google closed our group here Dubai Property Trading Society after more than 10 years serving the real estate community in Dubai and abroad. Google cited 'Spam Contents' in their justification to close the group without specifying where they found the alleged 'spam'.

We pay extra attention to each post shared on this forum to eliminate spam and unwanted contents to the extent that less than 1% of the messages received are relative to the subject of this group and pass our moderation approval.

We made an extra examination to our recent posts and found nothing at all unrelated to the objective of this forum thus we appealed Google's decision and finally got our group (forum) back.

You can post directly on the group's home page: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dubaitrading – Check posts by others on the same page or follow any particular post. You can also post by simply sending an email to: [email protected] – make sure to write the title of the post in the Subject field of the email and the contents of the post in the Body of the email and try to include at least one photo related to your post.

As an extra step to serve you better, all posts that make it to our group Dubai Property Trading Society make it to our website: www.buildingarabia.com and are also shared on our FB page and Twitter account with similar name to ensure the maximum exposure online for your posts. Many posts are also shared on our Google Plus pages and on our blog: buildingarabia.blogspot.com.

Enjoy selling.