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It is with pride, excitement and honour that we can finally unveil our newest venture, "Jumeirah Luxury". Located on the prestigious Jumeirah Golf Estates, the development features a collection of 291 beautifully-designed and convenient luxury villas and townhouses lined along the breath-taking "Fire" championship golf course. Expected to be completed in late 2019, the development is valued at one billion AED and located in the heart of Dubai, providing residents with a comfortable and lavish lifestyle with direct access to the golf course.


Tucked away from the busier streets of the city but still within close reach of Dubai's most beloved landmarks, Jumeirah Luxury's inherit charm lies within its beautiful scenery and mesmerizing landscape.
The estate's residences feature highly customizable layouts that range from three-bedroom units to more spacious five-bedroom apartments. Designed in the highest standards of quality and equipped with state-of-the-art, sustainable and secure technology, the luxurious villas are at once comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing, leading to strong demand from both investors and potential home owners.
Stretched across 375 hectares, Jumeirah Golf Estates' most exciting features are the four golf courses in the development, with the rich tapestries of green grass covering an impressive 75% of the project. The community is also home to a host of private amenities and public spaces such as vibrant flowers gardens and sparkling water features, all nestled in a landscape of lush greenery that feels like an every day holiday escape.


Officially the 16th community to open its doors within the Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah Luxury is located adjacent to the International Media production Zone (IMPZ), with the main entrance standing near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The development's location was strategically selected at a central point to be easily accessible from different parts of the city. A short drive away from Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, it is close to Downtown Dubai's hottest attractions, nightlife venues, mouth-watering eateries and blooming shopping districts. The estate is also situated near the city's most thriving business districts and educational facilities, and can be reached from both Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport through the nearby highways. Additionally, the Expo 2020 and Dubai Metro line are a short distance away from Jumeirah Luxury, ensuring the community remains an integral part of the Dubai landscape.


One of the highlights of Jumeirah Golf Estates' affordable luxury homes is the combination of beautifully-designed interiors and spacious private and public outdoor facilities and amenities that cater to the residents' every whim and desire providing them with a safe, fun and relaxing experience around the clock. That include terraces overlooking the beautiful scenery of the development, barbecue areas, roof access and swimming pools, vibrant flower gardens, an open gym, a community centre, a lush forest, water features and a lake, a thriving town plaza, children play areas and a restaurant, among other wonderful facilities. The most coveted outdoor feature remains, of course, the championship golf course accessible exclusively to the estate's residents.
The development's townhouses are elegantly designed in modern lines and contemporary elements, and include ample space, storage facilities, double showers, roof access, walk-in closets, lavish master bedrooms, sky rooms, maid rooms and elegant indoor and outdoor living spaces.
A strong advocate of sustainable living, Jumeirah Luxury prides itself on its seamless blend of high-end technology and ecological systems. Residents will enjoy the villas' smart features that include app-controlled Bluetooth locks, automation systems, energy optimization, smart cooling and heating, among others. Gardens are equipped with solar powered tools and irrigation systems that regulate heat and moisture levels, while eclectic carports, waste water technology, organic waste management and ecologically-sourced furniture ensure an environmentally-sound experience.
Security is also very high on our list of priorities. Jumeirah Luxury's gate is monitored around the clock to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the residents, while the availability of real-time video surveillance, light sensors, panic buttons and direct contact access with emergency responders ensure a more proactive approach to safety.


Jumeirah Luxury's townhouses vary from three-bedroom to five-bedroom units, with prices ranging accordingly. Prices start at AED 2.3 Million and innovative payment plans are implemented.
Ownership is stipulated upon a 50% payment during the construction phase and another 50% of the total amount upon handover.
Amount (If any)
March 2018
June 2018
September 2018
December 2018
March 2019
Upon completion (Q4 2019)
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